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Charlie (professional)
Charlie and Pat (personal)
    Christmas Photos (December, 2000)
    More Christmas Photos (December, 2000)
    Thanksgiving Photos (November, 2000)
    Photos (March, 2000)
    Photos (February, 2000)
    Photos (Aug-Sep, 1999)
Steve (professional) Internet2
    Windows on the Future Conference
        (March, 2001)
    RedIRIS 2000 Meetings, Murcia, Spain
        (November, 2000, PowerPoint slides)
    Fall 2000 Internet Meeting
        (October, 2000, requires RealPlayer)
Steve (personal)
Andy (password required)
Sue: Mellon Lab at UCSF
Tom: Kenamea
   Fernando (professional)
    CTSS Paper, 1962
    Multics - Development, 1977
    Turing Award Lecture, 1991
    Multics - Corby, 1996
    C & C Prize, 1998
Fernando and Emily:
    China Trip, 1997
    Brandeis - Women's Studies Scholars Program
Carolyn: Problem Knowledge Couplers
Nancy and Bill:
    Pictures of Robert
Maui Wedding, October, 1999:
    Fernando's photos
    Bill's photos
Jason: Africa Trip, 1999

Family Features (password required)

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